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Seeking help to heal from an eating disorder is no small step.  It takes courage and strength.  If you're looking at this page, some part of you is tired of feeling so stuck, and controlled by your thoughts and actions.  I wish I could tell you that fully recovering from an eating disorder is a quick fix, but it's not.  What I can tell you, is that it's possible.  You can move through and past this, loosening the grip the ED has on you, until it no longer has a hold at all.  We will work as a team, together with other health care providers such as nutritionists, and internists, ensuring you have the support and encouragement that you need. 

If you already have a treatment team, but would like additional support in the form of meal support therapy, therapeutic grocery shopping support, or adjunctive somatic experiencing for additional support, please feel free to contact me.

Eating Disorders


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