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Jennifer Silacci

One of the greatest gifts I've received in my 19 years of private practice, has been to witness individuals as they move towards healing, and discover a more fulfilling, whole life.  The hold an eating disorder, anxiety or trauma can have on a life is profound.  To watch the grip loosen, and healing emerge, is very moving. 


I enjoy learning, and collecting new tools and skills to help my clients.  After I obtained my MSW from New York University's School of Social Work, I completed postgraduate training in eating disorders and body image issues at the Women's Therapy Centre Institute, and in Trauma Studies at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.  In addition, I completed a three-year training in Somatic Experiencing, and have assisted at professional trainings, helping other therapists to learn the model.


I've led eating disorder groups for New York University's Counseling Center and various non-profit organizations, and have served as both a lecturer and group case consultant on eating disorders and trauma at postgraduate institutes in New York City.


Interested in creating a culturally and spiritually sensitive practice, I completed a two-year program studying the world's major faith traditions, in an effort to better understand my clients from all backgrounds.

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